“I was initially reluctant to visit a chiropractor seeing as I had never been to one and was previously unfamiliar with their techniques. The coaches at my Crossfit box swore by her services and encouraged me several times to check her out. After almost a month of shoulder pain and not being able to perform any overhead lifts I finally made an appointment. I could not have been more pleased with my experience. Not only is Crystal extremely personable and knowledgeable but she understands the frustrations of an injury being active herself. I was extremely relieved that she did not look down upon heavy lifting like so many other doctors who are not familiar with Crossfit or Olympic lifting might have done. Rather she explained to me what might have been causing the problem and gave me several stretches and suggestions on how to treat the pain and avoid it in the future. After only two sessions of adjustments, dry needling, the Graston technique, as well as the application of rock tape my shoulder is finally feeling healthy again. I absolutely recommend visiting Dr. Hankel especially to reluctant first timers! You will be a believer after only one session with Crystal. I will without a doubt be making regular visits to her from here on out to stay healthy, feeling good, and injury free!” -Samantha

“I have had severe headaches for many years. After many doctors and prescriptions I decided to give chiropractic a try. Not only did my headaches improve dramatically, but I was able to sleep better. When I first went to see Dr. Crystal I had a dent in my right arm that numerous specialists could not diagnose or tell me how to fix. She used Graston technique on it, and after 3 treatments you couldn’t even tell that the hole was even there I was also previously diagnosed with RA. Dr. Crystal did some lab testing and found out that I have a gluten intolerance. After cutting out gluten and following her dietary recommendations not only has my RA symptoms improved dramatically, my stomach doesn’t bloat after every meal. She is amazing, sweet, and truly cares about how her patients are doing and feeling. Love, love, love her!” – Joann

“I had contacted Dr. Hankel back in December of 2014 because I was having issues with my hip. Being a power-lifter hip issues are common. She helped me by applying myofascial release, the use of dry needling, and chiropractic care. I had never been subject to dry needling, but I can tell you it works. After a few sessions the results were unbelievable. I was able to squat below the depth I needed without pain. I find myself to be particular about who I see. I commend her highly and recommend her without a doubt.” – Michelle

“As an amateur athlete, I started seeing Dr. Hankel several years ago for my aches and pains. No matter what I’ve strained, sprained, or otherwise injured, Dr. Hankel has provided relief through chiropractic adjustment, the Graston technique, or myofascial release. She has given me advice on how to prevent repetitive injuries and used advanced taping techniques to help me finish out my various sports seasons. Though I moved to Houston from the DFW area, I usually stop by when I’m in the area. Highly Recommended!” – Niki

“I initially found my way to Dr. Hankel due to shin splints. I visited my primary care physician who prescribed me with a high dose of ibuprofen. I was never provided any answers as to why I was having the pain or how to fix my pain which kept me from exercising. In one visit with Dr. Hankel, she was able to explain why I was having shin pain as well as treat the pain with Graston technique, dry needling and taping. Dr. Hankel was also able to provide me with corrective measures and stretches to prevent future shin splints. Dr. Hankel’s approach was refreshing in that she treated the cause of my pain and not just the symptom. Dr. Hankel provides her patients with the newest and most effective techniques to treat her patients that no one else in this area offers. I recommend her highly to anyone!” – Anonymous

“My fiance was told about Dr. Hankel by a massage therapist and I soon followed. Trust me when I tell you I have a lot of issues, but Dr. Hankel has been able to help me with every single one of them! She was able to explain my back pain, knee pain, and shoulder issues. She was able to use taping, adjustments, and dry needling to treat me. She also has given my fiance and I stretches for home care as well. We would recommend her to anyone, and if that wasn’t enough to convince you to see her…we drive from Dallas to Denton for her services.” – Jesse